1. DEFINITIONS. As used herein:

Cookies” means data which the Firm or the Site causes to be stored on a device used to access the Site.

Firm” means ArgosLaw, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company.

Information Request” means a request by the Firm for questions, comments, feedback, completion of a survey or other such information.

Minor” means a child under 13 years of age.

Personal Information” means, with respect to a User, all physical and email addresses, telephone and facsimile numbers, usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and other such personal information.

Policy” means this privacy policy with respect to the Site.

Service” means a specific service or feature available within or from the Site.

Site” means this website and all information contained within this website.

Site Data” means data regarding the number of visitors to the Site, frequency or timing of visits to the Site, physical locations or IP addresses from which the Site is accessed, devices or applications used to access the Site or other such tracking or statistical data with respect to the Site.

User” means a person or entity that accesses or uses the Site.

2. PERSONAL INFORMATION. Disclosure of Personal Information is not generally required to access the Site. Personal Information may be required, however, to access certain Services or to respond to Information Requests. The Firm may use any Personal Information it collects for purposes relating to registration, identification, communications or quality control. A User may at any time request that the Firm correct or delete any Personal Information in the Firm’s possession with respect to such User, but services may be modified or discontinued as a result of such request.

3. MINORS. The Site is not for use by Minors. The Firm does not intentionally or knowingly collect Personal Information from Minors.

4. COOKIES. The Site may use Cookies. In general, Cookies will contain information about the applicable User but not permit such User to be specifically identified.

5. SITE DATA. The Firm may collect Site Data but will not use Site Data in a manner that would personally identify any particular User.

6. THIRD PARTIES. The Firm may disclose Personal Information and Site Data to third parties to assist the Firm in providing Services. Any such disclosure will be subject to a written confidentiality agreement that is at least as protective as this Policy.

7. SECURITY. The Firm uses procedural and technological measures that are reasonably designed to protect Personal Information and Site Data from loss, theft or unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction.