Firm Overview

A refreshing alternative, ArgosLaw provides sophisticated legal representation comparable to that which is provided by the Am Law 200, at a more reasonable price and without the bureaucracy.

As highly trained legal specialists with extensive backgrounds in “Big Law,” we have deliberately chosen to represent only certain types of clients and to focus exclusively on specific practice areas. Within our niche, we comfortably and regularly compete with the largest and most highly regarded law firms in the world.

ArgosLaw is built on cutting-edge systems and technologies. This enables us to optimize productivity while maintaining the highest level of security for our clients and continuously delivering increased value.

For us, embracing technology, being lean, nimble and efficient, understanding clients’ needs and adding value are not clichés. These are concepts that actually describe who we are and how we operate, day in and day out.

What truly sets us apart, however, is the value we place on human beings and relationships. We believe our understanding of people is the reason we succeed where others fail.

Our clients encounter a range of issues – some complicated, others more straightforward – that inevitably impact their bottom lines. We draw from the depth and breadth of our experience to help our clients confidently navigate those obstacles and move forward.